Hacked app

I first met the product in October 2018 at a meeting with a client in the Amsterdam.

The main purpose is to increase trust in the app and check whether an individual email has been exposed.


Cybersecurity is a thing you don’t think about until you get hacked.

User benefit

The user can check individual email has been exposed in the dark web and other sources.

Business Benefits

  • Brand awareness
  • Company get new leads


Sketch, Figma, Invision, React, iOS, Android

Product story

What we have to make is to add more interactivity to make a user feel like he can do more with this app, we have to push him for more actions to build interest in using this app and show that user needs it for the future.

Design Process


A wireframe was first created in Figma, after the approval of the mood board and high fidelity prototype in Sketch and Invision.

User testing

So intolerable indeed is it regarded by some, that no cupidity could persuade them to moor alongside of it.


It was impossible to make quantitative user research because there was no user information, and there was no analytic data. So the only way was qualitative research focused on learning about project requirements from stakeholders, and learning about the needs and goals of the end-users.

What was done

  1. Competitive and comparative analysis
  2. User feedbacks from Apple Store and Play Market
  3. Ecosystem mapping (Flowchart, Dataflow diagram)
  4. Experience mapping (Customer Journey Map)
Dataflow diagram

Dataflow diagram

Workflow diagram

Workflow diagram

Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey Map


After the research phase, the app structure and user’s path were clear, and the result was a wireframe made in Figma.


Before starting to create a visual style, it was necessary to determine the mood of the application. What associations may be related to cybersecurity? A mood board perfect method to imagine this.


After the approved wireframe and mood board with a stakeholder, a visual style was created in Sketch and interaction prototype in Invision that can be tested on users and get feedback.

View prototype

User testing

The main goal of users testing is to establish if users understand the value proposition and identify usability concerns which will need to be addressed to improve efficiency and end-user satisfaction.

Of course, as a result of testing in the office and remotely with the stakeholder, we identified a number of problems which need to resolve before moving to the development process.

What next?

The application is under development and user testing. In the design process, we thought about how we will measure the result and effectiveness, and we made the stages of interaction that are finishing, where it is possible to create events to track conversion.

Image from Minitab

The design process is iterative; it’s not possible to create a perfect design solution right away. Getting new impressions and feedback from users, it becomes possible to make improvements about which I had not previously thought.

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